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How @MrRPMurphy Can Save My Life: Checking Me Into #Hotel With @ladygaga and @MsSarahPaulson

I was surprised to find that when I proposed going on a hunger strike to garner Mr. Murphy’s attention enough to give me a shot, that people were all for it! I was half joking when I tweeted it, however, due to the positive response, I went on a research mission. Here is what I found:

A. Ways to prep for such a thing

2. I should consult with a doctor and take necessary precautions

Here’s the problem with that:

1. I need sufficient time to prep my body for such a drastic practice

B. I don’t have a doctor with which to consult, nor do I have the means to acquire one

So, here’s the goal: GET RYAN MURPHY TO BOOK ME AT THE @AHSFX Hotel

AHS Hotel

Again, I was half joking when I started proposing this ridiculous thought. Through much encouragement via social media as well as close friends of mine, this preposterous idea has slowly manifested itself into a mission and a project. I could do things old school and make a video and hope it finds its way into the hands of the appropriate casting people and what not. Boring boring boring. Hashtag boring. That’s not enough to get noticed or make any semblance of an impact in the way of standing out. That’s not my style and anyone who knows me can attest to that statement. Basically, the hunger strike is not a safe thing for me to do at this time nor am I prepared enough to take on that challenge. Ideas, I need ideas. That’s where my awesome followers and peers mixed in with my friends and confidants come in. Do I run around naked at the shooting locations from Asylum and Murder House? Shall I shout from the top of the Roosevelt?

Listen, Sarah Paulson is one of my all time favorite actors and I mean that from a fangirl perspective as well as a personal one. Seriously, I think we share DNA (Side bar: Never met my biological father.) Shall I go through the list:

  • Afraid of flying (I’m entirely phobic) and sharks (I am afraid to swim in the ocean for this reason) oh and bees (I’m allergic)
  • Milk duds and popcorn
  • Kristen Wiig bits in our arsenal
  • Dips it in the lady pond
  • Hypochondriacal (Today alone I was convinced that I have kidney stones and Sjogren’s syndrome)
  • Have inadvertently made out with an albino snake
  • Have worked with Chiwetel Eljiofor
  • Randomly quote “The First Wives Club”
  • Have embarrassingly played with a celebrity’s hair (I did not use my nose in my scenario so this one only halfway counts
  • Vegetables and tummies don’t get along
  • Lobsters and shrimp are the mother fucking roaches of the sea
  • Textural sensitivity to food
  • My lips swell up like Julia Roberts when I cry but only if you look at me from the side
  • Old lady voice, for whatever reason, comes out southern
  • I annoy people with my constant analysis of how #Asylum was brilliant and Lana Winters is one of the best characters ever on the telly

Lana Finger

Whatever I could keep going but it’s embarrassing. And anyone who has ever met me, knows of the proud little monster that I am so that covers my fangirl status over Gaga. Gaga AHS Hotel Gif

♦Weigh in peeps! Be creative and tell me how you think I should tackle this thing! ♦

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