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My Latest Obsession: #JeanetteDawson and @Quastinator

Back iSide Shown April, me and the bestie had the privilage of seeing Side Show down at Plummer. I went into it pretty damn excited because it had been a show I was long familiar with and the revival of 2014 was still fresh on my playlists. I knew I would like the music, it’s honestly a beautiful book. I knew I would enjoy the visuals, I mean, it’s fucking Side Show. And I knew I would enjoy the production value because 3DTheatricals was in charge, and they have never let me down. What I wasn’t expecting, was to fall in love so hard and so fast with the two leads that I would forget what Erin Davie, Emily Padgett, Emily Skinner and Alice Ripley sounded like on their cast albums. From the get, the second Afton Quast and Jeanette Dawson opened their mouths, I was in complete awe.

I sat in awe, applauding emphatically throughout the show. And then it happened, we got to my favorite number in the show, “Who Will Love Me As I Am?” Something happened that’s never happened to me during a show, I actually teared up and may have slightly cried. You’d think it was the first time I’dSide Show 3 ever heard the lyrics, and Afton and Jeanette made it seem that way. I kept my composure and then we get to the girls’ eleven o’clock number, “I Will Never Leave You.” Boy oh boy, it was like being kicked in the stomach a second time. The show ended and the response from the audience was uproarious. Curtain call propelled the entire house to their feet immediately and when Jeanette and Afton hit that stage for their bows, you could feel the heat and energy emanating from the crowd. Between the shouting, whooping, and vigorous clapping, I swear to G, you felt like you were in the presence of greatness. And here we are three months later and I’m discussing it, which only solidifies the greatness that I witnessed that night.

So what is it about “Who Will Love Me As I am?” Let me start with the lyrics, in case you are not familiar with the song:

Like a fish plucked from the ocean
Tossed into a foreign stream
Always knew that I was different
Often fled into a dream
I ignored the raging current
Right against the tide I swam
But I floated with the question
Who will love me as I am?

Like an odd exotic creature
On display inside a zoo
Hearing children asking questions
Makes me ask some questions too
Could we bend the laws of nature?
Could a lion love a lamb?
Who could see beyond this surface?
Who will love me as I am?

Daisy & Violet:
Who will ever call to say I love you?
Send me flowers or a telegram?
Who could proudly stand beside me?
Who will love me as I am?

Like a clown whose tears cause laughter
Trapped inside the center ring

Even seeing smiling faces
I am lonely pondering

Daisy & Violet:
Who would want to join this madness?
Who would change my monogram?
Who will be part of my circus?
Who will love me as I am?
Who will ever call to say I love you?
Send me flowers or a telegram?
Who could proudly stand beside me?
Who will love me as I am?

Who could proudly stand beside me?
Who will love me as I am?

This song is something everybody can identify with. It was always a song that I felt Ryan Murphy should have utilized on “Glee.” Hello, the glee club is all about acceptance and feeling outcast in a world of adversity. Imagine Unique and maybe Santana belting it out. I digress, I have a whole list of “Glee” songs that I imagined in my head, but I’ll save it for another blog at another time. “Who Will Love Me As I Am?” is powerful lyrically, and the emotion that has been brought to it by the leading ladies of Broadway is something very special. I am here to tell you, Afton and Jeanette brought so much to this piece, it really took me off guard.

Side Show 2

Naturally, after the show I began googling, tweeting and searching high and low for more information from these wonderful ladies. I was successful in finding a lot of information and even succeeded in getting a tweet from Afton. I don’t know how I found it or what channels I twisted my way through, but I came across some vAfton Tweetideo of the girls singing “Who Will Love Me As I Am?” on good ol Tube of You. I was again blown the fuck away. I think it is important to support local theater and I have discovered many a talented person in my experience with local shows. I cannot say enough good things and there are not enough positive adjectives in the dictionary to describe Jeanette and Afton. I was fortunate to see Jeanette in “Ragtime” and most recently “Tarzan.” 3DTheatricals takes good care of Orange County. I also found videos of Jeanette in “The Wild Party” and her Queenie is to die five! I leave you all with a video of “Who Will Love Me As I Am?” I will never see “Side Show” again, that’s the true bummer of live theater! Word of mouth is such an extremely important aspect of theater. These words, exit my mouth, I share with you my new obsession! I am so grateful to have been witness to “Side Show” as an audience member, it was a theatrical adventure I will never forget! (PS I think 3DTheatricals needs to hook a sister up with some footage from the show, I know there’s footage in existence!)

Twitterview: @sfosternyc

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