Throwback to 2007

Found whilst showering:

The recognizable pain growing inside a force field of faults and disappointments is ready to burst The noise is contorted by the demons and influences in my head No plans to bring the world to it’s knees. Trying to live,  living to try a new destination Set coordinates of an unknown location Tattooed and buried in a cannon using the words in my brain A heroine in action is not noticed for achievement Rather the heroine be noticed for the unpreventable Because she cries because she is full of passion because she forces a second look because she is imperfect Groundbreaking reinvention is damaging to the creators of mortality Knots of a nocturnal nature creep up on ideals Steadfast and heartbreaking is the realization that holds us back  Tears are for those who have no emotional doubt  Thought provoking and unreal are the dreams of thinkers Take a stand for what is lost The past is foreign the future will be history and the present is both Determination is the stepping stone to hardship Inconclusive arguments drain the mind of decisions

The empty inkling that he might see

is the source of fire in my burning fear

The phantom clock ticks me to sleep

but only for a few moments, I can’t

There’s a rapidly growing visual

I see it on the second hand

The hands, the arms that overpowered

I hear the tocks and its like a bird

mocking my insecurities

His smirk matched the stain on his jeans

His eyes were cold like my feet

His shoes were what I stared at

His hair was greasy and uncombed

I don’t want to remember

I hear his voice with the ringing of my alarm

I don’t want to get up

What if I live through the day?

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