Twitterview @nlyonne Questions

Hey folks, so here are all 30 days of questions for Natasha Lyonne for my July 2014 Twitterview. If I used your question, DM me, I have presents.


1. Are there any movies you have seen where you think, damn I wish I had been in that, or played a particular role?

2. What is your favorite SNL skit of all time?

3. When was the last time you hand wrote a letter to somebody?

4. Aside from people you work with, who is the last person that made you legitimately proud?

5. Rats, cockroaches, bedbugs: You have to be locked in a room with one for an hour, which do you choose?

6. Happy 4th! I’ve never been to NYC, what’s one place you would take me to that only a native would know about?

7. Will you say something to me in Aramaic?

8. So uh, what’s the fuckin scoop on Time Warner?

9. Can you tell me the filthiest joke you know?

10. It annoys me, peeps seem to only focus on drugs w u (in interviews) sum it all up in one sentence as though you will never be asked again?

11. #AskOrange Will you sign my fuck book? You too @realleadelaria #BaeWatch

12. Now that you are an Emmy nominated actress, lets get to the meat, what would your DJ name be?

13. What’s the next door you’d like to see OITNB open? What dialogue do you feel is next to be discussed by us masses?

14. Where’s the funniest place you have ever fallen asleep?

15. Do you feel you’re completely cognizant of the impact you have had on the LGBT community throughout your career?

16. Are you a road trip kind of gal?

17. “Artists to my mind are the real architects of change…” How have you, or have you, seen yourself manifest this? (William S. Burroughs)

18. When you were changing Rootbeer’s name to Columbae, did that have anything to do with Mrs. Columbo? (@totallykate)

19. Do you remember your dreams when you wake up, and if so, how quickly do they fade from you?

20. Did you have any type of emotional reaction when Michael Alig was released on parole? Significant thoughts? #ClubKid

21. “Growth…depends on being always in motion just a little bit, one way or another.” How do you feel you are in motion? (Norman Mailer)

22. We use humor to deflect anything of our choosing but I find with age I’m less guarded, is your experience different?

23. What’s the best autocorrect fail you have seen or done?

24. Emulating Cassavetes or marinating on Natasha?

25. Have you ever tasted green chili from New Mexico?

26. If Nicky was on death row, what would her last meal be? What about yours?

27. Best gag gift you have received?

28. Favorite vacation spot and what makes a great vacation, the fun stuff or the self reflection?

29. Do you enjoy Costco?

30. Do you have your answers ready for the Bernard Pivot questionnaire James Lipton will ask you one day?


I think it is clear, based on the questions I ask, I’d make a hell of a personal assistant to Ms. Keach….wink wink nudge nudge 🙂 I would proudly stand at her door step shouting, “Ms. Lyonne is issuing no treats this year.” Even if it’s not Halloween.

Now taking requests for the next victim of my next Twitterview, in September.

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