To Whom It May Concern


“Write an anonymous letter to a stranger detailing the things you’ve learned about life.” Picked by Jacki Lynn

For You:

Should this letter find you, I ask that you take the time to absorb my words, whether they be spoken in fallacies or veracities. I bring no infinite wisdom, I can not lead you into your unknown, instead I strive to pass the knowledge I have picked up and believe to be true. We can all be teachers if we are first willing to lend our ears as students. Why am I telling you this you may wonder? We listen as neighbors and friends, but only in silent anonymity do we truly wonder and question. I don’t know when my time will come, not soon I hope, but should my clock wind down in the near future, I want to have left something behind, with no expectation of reciprocation. I am not a philosopher, I am not a guru, I am just someone who sees things a certain way.

Life is short, and that is no cliche. It’s way too short, especially if you have dreams, because dreamers never stop and there’s just not enough time. If you have love in your heart, true, pure love, there’s really not enough time. There’s just never going to be enough days to spend with the ones you love. So how do you follow the cookie cutter expression and live each day to it’s fullest? I don’t know. The reason I haven’t a clue is because there is always something you can improve. Hindsight is your ally. You must make mistakes, fix them, make more, fix those, and keep collecting those building blocks. You will never be perfect. Others in your life will never be perfect, or predictable. You have to live in truth and you have to have fun.

Grudges, you will have them and you will hold onto them because it’s in our nature to feel entitled to respect and we long to feel our worth through others. Let them go. Perhaps don’t forgive or forget, but let it go. Be hurt, be sad, but then let it go. If people need to be distanced from your life, that’s okay, because you are never alone, even when it feels like you are. You will be right, you will be wrong, so will they, so let it go. Put it in a bubble and blow it away, and get right back to building the life you want. Surround yourself with people you are comfortable with. The truth is, life sucks sometimes, okay a lot of times. You will be lied to, cheated, betrayed, and taken for granted. There’s no sugar coating sometimes, no silver lining, there’s nothing. Work hard, even when it’s not worth it because nobody can take that away from you. Stand up for yourself, do not let people treat you in any way that makes you want to kill yourself. When you can’t do this, associate yourself with people who will and always always return the favor. Pay it forward, always, in every aspect of your life. That something else nobody can take away from you, what you give as a person. Balance is key, be the giver, but don’t get leeched upon by people who will bleed you dry because they will, trust me, they will use and abuse you if you let them. Don’t you let them.

Laugh, for fuck sake, laugh your ass off as often and as long as possible. Cry just as often, seriously, let it out. Don’t bottle that shit up, if you feel like crying, cry. If there is no shoulder around to do it on, use a pillow, don’t feel sorry for yourself, you are not a victim. Cry it out, feel hurt, feel sad, for as long as you need, not as long as you want to wallow in self pity. And then pick your ass up and do something. Read a good book, watch a good movie, yes, always watch good movies, and read good books. Music, another key factor, let music into your life. Doesn’t have to be the most popular book, movie, or song, if it speaks to you, fucking listen.

Listen, small moments in life are what define us, those are the turning points. Self educate yourself on many many subjects that interest you. I know you have to work and shit for a living and I know that roughly ninety nine percent of the time, you will be miserable at work and dream about winning the lottery so that you can do all the things I suggest you do. But when you aren’t stuck in the cycle of the day to day grind, get out, take risks. However, don’t be stupid. Travel, but not obsessively. For one, the wonder and excitement will fade with each trip, and also, danger is everywhere. Drive like you are aware you can be killed at any second, because you can be. Be cautious and smart, but take the risks that are worth it. Make memories. Make love, and do it often because, well, it feels awesome and it’s fun. Connect with people, they really are the gateways to living a life you are proud of. Make an impression on people. Make money. It’s not shallow, bills don’t care what you do or how you live, they are just due when they’re due. Do whatever it takes to make some money, save some money, and appreciate some money.

I guess my advice is to live life. I don’t know how else to say it, because we have all heard the theories and the suggestions on OWN but it comes down to you. I don’t know your problems, I don’t know your issues and I don’t know where you come from. All I know is that life is a hard hitter for some and a generous lover to others. Nothing is fair about it and nothing ever will be. You may never achieve your goals, some of us never will, that’s just the way it is. You may never make enough money, and you might struggle day to day to make ends meet, and it makes me very very sad because there’s nothing anybody can do about it. Others will get breaks in life when there are more deserving individuals left in the dust. That is what life is. That is what I’ve learned thus far. Life can really suck balls, so what would be the point in trying to figure it all out. We all know what we should do and what is expected of us. There’s a box. We don’t all fit in there. Move on and move forward in your truth. When the lightbulb comes on, don’t turn it off. Listen to the world around you, that’s where your answers are. As for me, I have no answers, and that’s why I’m writing this to you, stop looking for the answer because the only real question is, what is life to you?

P.S. Animals make life better.


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