I Have An Idea

Nobody is following my blog yet, I created it this morning. Nonetheless let me express an idea. Katherine Brooks has started a blog for personal reasons. People who know her, know of her, know that she’s pretty fucking deep an so many times I read through her stuff and have so many comments questions etc. she is a pro at starting dialogue. However it’s impossible to engage in organic conversations via social media. It’s a one way street with her blog, she dishes, we read, we marinate, and have no outlet for a response. Well son of a bitch I decided I shall start a blog. A response blog if you will. Sure I will use this platform for my other personal reasons and writings but that is the jumping off point for said WordPress blog of mine.


  1. Katherine Brooks

    I only have comments disabled until I am more stable because I can’t handle judgment that is negative right now. When I am beyond the realm of a sneeze causing me to want to cut myself I will open up the chain of communication. But, for now, it’s my therapy and my expression and I’m being selfish because I can’t handle anything that isn’t supportive. I hope this makes sense. If the world was a little kinder perhaps I would open myself up to the opinions of others both positive and negative, but right now I am just so fragile I can hardly write my own blogs without tears or shame.

  2. Jules

    Kat, I figured as such. Our first job is to take care of ourselves. Everything we do flows from this (a recent epiphany). I read your Little Monsters blog post. I had no idea it was that bad. I enjoy reading your blog. Peace.

    Pict_res, I followed you. Happy blogging – It’s quite therapeutic. 🙂

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